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Cylindrical Extruder Packs

Cylindrical Extruder filter screen packs enable high quality finished products in the industrial film and engineered polymers extrusion process. With over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing cylindrical extrusion filters processing PET, LDPE and LLDPE, we are able to provide a diverse selection of filter packs that are engineered to customer specific requirements:

  • Lamination and stretch film
  • Industrial film
  • Barriers
  • Polyester staple fibers, filament yarns and engineered polymers

In addition, we provide perforated metals cylinders for high pressure environments in automotive and industrial systems for petrochemical, pharmaceutical, earth moving machines, food sector and gas industry.

Candle Filters: Multiple filtration medias pleated together that enable product quality, long filter life and higher filtration area. Our candle filters are manufactured and customized to meet customers performance requirements.

Welded Cylinder Extruder Screen Packs: Multiple filtration medias welded together that enable product quality, while maintaining filtration requirements and eliminating operator error. Cylindrical extrusion filters are manufactured with three weld styles; Spot, intermittent and seam applied longitudinally, plus end welds if required.

Framed Cylinder Extruder Screen Packs: Multiple filtration medias assembled with a longitudinal weld and frames at the cylinder’s bases.

Media materials: Non-woven felts, sintered metals, photo-etched and wire cloth/mesh in copper, Monel, brass, carbon and stainless steel.

Frame materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, and polymers.