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Single Layer Extruder Screen Filters

Single layer extruder screens filters, also known as mesh filters, are key to plastic recycling, melt filtration and extrusion processes that enable high quality finished polymer products. These types of mesh filter screens offer a high degree of flexibility to combine different filter medias. Our single mesh filters are always flat without sharp edges.

Media materials: Non-woven felts, sintered metals, photo-etched and wire cloth meshes in copper, Monel, brass, galvanized, carbon and stainless steel.

Shapes: Single layer filter screens can be produced in different shapes which include, round, donuts, rectangular, oval and other custom geometries.

In addition, we offer mesh filters for automotive subassemblies, retention barriers and smelting processes.

AIP, is your one stop solution from melt to finished product, supporting equipment outfitted with slide plate, piston and rotary screen changers.