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Gaskets and Seals

Our gaskets and seals are designed and manufactured to match or improve OEM performance. High pressure-High temperature seals are a critical primary component of a spinning or extruder pack assembly.  In addition to providing a proper pack assembly seal, they contribute to proper polymer and heat transfer distribution.  We provide a diverse selection of gaskets and spin pack seals engineered to customer specified requirements.

In-house manufacturing capabilities include laser, CNC machining and stamping.

Materials: Aluminum, anodized aluminum, copper, plated copper, brass and stainless steel, non-asbestos, many types of elastomers, pure graphite and graphite with metal reinforcement to name a few.

Shapes: Round, rectangular, oval and other engineered shapes.

Type/Profile: Flat, winner, top hat “L”, wire crush, standup ribbon, split rings, expandable seals and machined Delta, V, K and U gaskets.