Filtration Media

Wire Cloth:

It consists of metal wires woven to allow the retention of particles bigger than the specific nominal retention capacity of each mesh. 

We have a wide range of wire clothes available from heavy mesh to mesh 500, in a variety of weave offerings (plain Dutch, twilled Dutch and reverse Dutch)

We can provide stainless steel (AISI 304, 316L, 321, 430) inconel, monel, nickel, aluminum, brass, and galvanized iron, low carbon steel.

Sintered Wire Cloth:

Sintered wire cloth is made of several layers of wire cloth tailored to the specific filtration needs of the customers.  These layers are subject to a proprietary bonding process creating a strong structure resistant to abrasion, high pressure and better filtration consistency..

Fiber Metal:

Non-Woven porous medium made of sintered fiber metals.  Fiber metal medium are ideal for demanding applications that require high retention capacity, resistance to chemical corrosion and temperature.


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